Clinging to the past won't brighten your future - will magnets revolutionize laundry?

Imagine - washing your laundry without using any detergent. Ok, I'll admit my first thought was that this sounds a bit like a scam with potentially gross consequences, but I've since been convinced (by people I know and trust...and who don't smell) that it might actually work. The idea is this: placing two strong magnets inside the washing machine creates a magnetic field that alters the molecular structure of water, similar to the way detergent does. No chemicals, fragrances and no rinse cycles are needed, so not only would you save money; you'd be saving water too. A product to replace laundry detergent? Now that got my attention.

One website goes on to explain in detail how the magnets are supposed work, but unfortunately much of it goes over my head. I do know one thing though; I would love to rid my home and clothes of all laundry-washing products, even the environmentally friendly ones, for reasons of money savings and convenience. And since I'm one of those people who are skeptical until they see it for themselves, I've decided to get my hands on a set of these so-called dirt magnets and find out whether they actually work. I'll let you know when I do.
Posted by sid on September 16,2009 at 11:42 AM

I'm satisfied with the laundry magnets, they get your clothes clean, but some people like

the "smell' that comes from their detergent, which is prob some chemical which is bad for

the environment.

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