Green cars in Toronto

Well, we're off to the 2007 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto tomorrow. And seeing the Green Vehicles section they're bragging about, we're anticipating there will be quite a bit to look at. Some of the cars sound pretty practical, although I'm a little put-off by one concept, the Ford SynUS. Why anyone would ever want a vehicle named after the nasal cavity is beyond me, but I'll wait to see it before I prejudge too much.

What we're really looking for are the cars that have a future on the road or are already there. We'll be asking questions you want answered and seeking out the real winners. With over 1000 vehicles on display it'll be quite the job.

So you can't afford a Tesla and the promises of hydrogen technology are too far off, that doesn't mean there's not a car for you out there right now. Make sure to check back for photos and video of the big event.
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