What NOT to get your lover on Valentine's Day

Maybe your heart's not yet as big as Ed Begley's, who it was announced yesterday won the Ecorazzi Big Heart's Celebrity Contest with his wife Rachelle Carson, but you still have the rest of the day (and maybe a bit of tomorrow if you're lucky) to get your butt in gear and find that perfect green Valentine's Day gift for your significant other. From fair trade chocolates to a cozy organic cotton robe, we figure the good gifts are easy to come by. So instead we've decided to reiterate what you should already know - some of the best intentions can make bad gifts.

Things you may not want to buy for Valentine's Day

  • Mineral deodorant - While you may be thinking, "If it's good for the planet and my health, it must be good for the person I love," think again. Most people won't enjoy receiving a gift that seems to come with a subtle hint that they smell.
  • TerraCycle fertilizer - This one's really a judgment call. Some avid gardener types may really enjoy a bottle of liquefied worm poop, but chances are no one else will be able to see through the droppings to the romantic intent behind it.
  • Method cleaning products - Unless the person you're trying to woo loves cleaning, skipping all soaps that aren't for the body is a good idea. If you still feel your first instinct was right, at least go for the candles or aroma pills and capsules. And no matter what you try to tell yourself, just because the new mop looks sexy, doesn't mean it will make your partner feel sexy.
Posted by Ang on February 15,2007 at 3:36 PM
If I got worm poop from my boyfriend for Valentine's Day he would not be my boyfriend for next year's Valentine's Day - I can tell you that much!

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