U.S. nears global warming tipping point - Have you reached yours?

A tipping point on global warming is said to be close at hand in the U.S. Politicians, leading businesses (including GE, of ecomagination fame) and economists have been joining up with environmental organizations to push for laws limiting greenhouse gases. So far the Bush administration has brushed off calls, while maintaining a commitment to deal with the problem through alternative fuels and new technology.

So how do you deal? Waiting for the government to get its act together could take some time, even if the current news is somewhat reassuring. Making personal changes now can show everyone where your priorities lie. Look for a green power provider in your state and grudgingly accept the premium in favor of cutting emissions. After you update your home to increase energy efficiency, like buying CFL light bulbs and increasing insulation, you probably won't even notice a difference.

If some areas of your life can't be trimmed, carbon offsets are available from a variety of sources, like CarbonFund.org, to help you atone for your greenhouse gas contributions.

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