The Green Oscar Goes To…

Straight from the mouths of Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio, "for the first time in the history of the Oscars, this show has officially gone green." Looking dapper in black tuxes, the two spoke about the Academy's newfound commitment to "environmentally intelligent practices", which it has been reported include using recycled paper, serving organic food and doing an energy audit of the Kodak theatre.

Not only that, they directed viewers to the Oscar website for tips on how they too can go green. What a shift for a night that's usually more about extravagance than eco-consciousness.

Gore's Big Announcement?

The man America did vote for…as host Ellen Degeneres noted earlier of Gore, was asked by DiCaprio if he had any major announcements to make. Hopes rose as Gore began to formally announce his intention to…only to be cut off by the music telling long-winded winners speech time is up. At least "An Inconvenient Truth" won for Best Documentary.

Best Dressed

Cate Blanchett - She didn't win Best Supporting Actress for "Notes On A Scandal", but this Armani clad beauty gets our vote for best-dressed green celeb. The single-shoulder Swarovski crystal mesh gown looked gorgeous, but it's her solar-powered home in Sydney that makes us really take notice.

Cameron Diaz - In the wake of a recent break-up, Diaz sparkled in Valentino. But more important events are in her future, as she's one of many who took Gore's Inconvenient Truth slideshow training.

Leo DiCaprio - He showed up in an Armani tux, accessorized perfectly by an ever-present Toyota Prius. But let's face it; he'd look good no matter what he wore.

Melissa Etheridge - "I Need to Wake Up", from "An Inconvenient Truth", won her Best Original Song and she looked like a winner in a Domenico Vacca navy tux.

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