Trucked Organic vs Conventional Local Food

You know the story. You go to the local grocery store and head into the produce aisle to pick up a few things. An hour later you're still standing in front of the apple display trying to decide whether it's more important to buy organic food that has traveled a long way to reach the store, or local food that was produced conventionally, pesticides and all.

A Time reporter recounts his own experience with the dilemma and gives a comprehensive overview of the debate. But it still doesn't give me any clear direction - it's just not that easy. Although it's claimed pesticides are safe in the amounts we ingest them, many people would rather err on the side of safety. Others will support producers nearby even if pesticides are the local reality.

For me it's pretty clear, at least in the summer. Any produce my family doesn't grow can be found at the farmer's market, where I get a chance to meet growers and ask about their product. The winter is another story. I try to choose the best, but often settle for what's readily available.

The dirty dozen foods list (from a recent post), said to be loaded with more chemicals than others, is one good way to decide which organic choices are most important. As for helping you decide what's best, we're still trying to find out too. If you do buy the trucked-in organics, hopefully it will encourage local growers that organic is the way to go.
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