Businesses Follow California's Green Lead

Last week a group of private investors in Texas agreed to pay $32 billion for the state's largest utility, back global warming legislation and build no more than three of eleven planned coal plants. Not only that, a promise to double investments in alternative energy was made to attending environmentalists, showing the two groups really can work together.  Some are surprised environmental issues are being addressed in more than just the Northwest and California, but others see it as something that can no longer be ignored.

Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope told the Los Angeles Times corporations look at what's happening in California as being good for business. He says since 1970 California's economy has grown faster per capita than other states.

Some remain skeptical, but others call corporate environmentalism a hot topic on Wall Street. It's been reported investments in alternative energy and environmentally-friendly technology has risen by 45 percent since 2005. So why are some people still skeptical?

We're hoping that newspaper reports like this will only get more encouraging. Making it easier for consumers to choose beneficial and sustainable products is the only way eco-conscious living will be viable to the masses.

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