London Fashion Week – brings a new awareness

A new label presented an ethical clothing collection at London fashion week recently. Amana is the name for the new label, which means, "delivered in confidence" in Moroccan. The partners Helen Wood and Erin Tabrar have created clothing from fabrics that have minimal impact on the environment. Using hemp, organic cotton and silk, the clothes have been made by women in Moroccan villages. Amana ensure that the women have good working conditions, reasonable pay and opportunities for training.

Stella McCartney, a well-known designer also presented eco-clothing during fashion week. The British designer grew up on an organic farm with her rock star parents Sir Paul and Linda McCartney. Stella has refused to use fur in her collection. Instead, she has used very soft and curly black wool collars on her coats.

Ethical fashion encompasses everything from the choice of fabrics, to using recycled material as well as how the garments are manufactured. Ultimately, ethical fashion must work for the same reasons any fashion works. The public must love it and want to buy it. What some young designers are finding is that you can have your cake and wear it too.


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