European Union to Announce Carbon Capture Scheme

Another group is planning carbon capture projects, but this time it's not lead by celebrity-entrepreneur Richard Branson, who's offering $25 million for a workable technology through his Virgin Earth challenge.

European Union leaders are expected to approve carbon capture and storage projects at a summit next week. So it looks like the race for quickie climate change solutions is off to a good start.

Since fossil fuel usage isn't expected to go down any time soon, leaders and scientists are trying to go after the greenhouse gases once they are emitted.

A senior British Foreign Office official told reporters an announcement will be made about commercial scale carbon capturing that allows it to be buried underground for millions of years.

I have mixed feelings about the announcement. If it actually works, maybe that means there is potential to fix the damage we've already done. But at the same time, it could mean slowing the shift to sustainable and environmentally-friendly technologies. If corporations knew they could continue to pollute, would they even try to stop?

Since the summit is also bringing announcements about cutting carbon emissions, I'll think of it as a good thing for now. But that doesn't mean I won't continue to try and make my own life more green. Relying on technology to save us isn't something I'm prepared to do. Besides, with all the good things the green movement has brought us, like organic food and fabrics, I wouldn't want to go back to the usual status quo.
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