Toshiba Offers Computer Take-Back and Recycling

Toshiba is announcing a recycling program expansion to include free recycling of notebook computers. It looks like my laptop will finally have a nice place to go when it breaks down on me for the final time.

Or if I get rid of it before it breaks down, they'll pay me cash, which also applies to cameras, cell phones and more. But don't get too excited, I just checked out the Trade-in and Recycle program (which they've partnered with for) and my workable laptop won't even get me $20. Still, it's good to know a company that has put electronics in the hands of millions is taking the steps to complete lifecycle responsibly. Toshiba says it will even accept other brands, for a small shipping fee.

Advertising environmental attributes

The company upped the green quotient, announcing a partnership with Green Electronics Council and registering five notebook computers under the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. EPEAT allows the public to evaluate computers and make choices based on their environmental attributes. Toshiba's notebook computers are rated Silver, meaning they meet all required criteria plus 50 percent of optional criteria for the product. Other participating companies are HP, Dell and Apple.

What does this mean for eco-conscious consumers? Yet another way to put your money where your priorities are.

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