Peer Pressure the Planet's Best Chance

If your friends jumped on the green bandwagon, would you? It seems the answer for most people is yes, according to a recent study that finds crowd-following works better than scare tactics in getting people to change their habits to be more eco-friendly.

The psychologist who authored the study, Robert Cialdini, says telling people it's what others are doing will influence them to do the same. So will Rachel McAdams' green death wish soon be all the rage? While surveys indicate people don't view "because neighbors are doing it" as a reason to conserve, Cialdini says that's exactly what is influencing them.

The hotel towel connection

Hotel room cards asking guests to reuse towels are familiar to most. But how the message is delivered is now know to relate to how many people listen. A message including "join your fellow citizens" increased towel reuse by 28 percent.

I think I'm going to try this out on my friends and family. "Do you want some compost? Everybody's doing it."
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