EcoHangers Suit Advertisers and Consumers

You might have heard about a new kind of clothes hanger recently. It's replacing those annoying and hard to recycle wire hangers while allowing advertisers access to you in your own home. EcoHangers are made of 100 percent recycled paper and are completely recyclable themselves, plus having the added benefit of being made from a renewable resource. The more recycled paper this company and others like it demand, the more recycling programs will have to be implemented to keep up.

Unfriendly facts about wire hangers
  • It takes 40 inches of wire to make one hanger
  • That equals 2.2 million miles a year
  • Imported wire hangers could wrap around the earth 88 times
Hanger Network distributes EcoHangers free to tens of thousands of dry cleaners in the U.S. They are paid for by companies who have advertisements printed on the hangers. The product is said to be good for the environment and good for advertisers, as they get uninterrupted access to consumers during their morning routine, which can last for up to several weeks.

Making compromises for eco-friendly products

I'm sure some people won't be happy with the thought of having advertisements invade their home before they have their morning coffee, but I choose to see the good. How better to get people to use beneficial products than by having someone else provide them (the advertisers). The product samples that can be attached seem like a waste but as far as I'm concerned, if sustainable businesses can be also profitable, they'll have a better chance of sticking around. Some companies have to implement sustainable practices - this goes to show a business can begin green instead.
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