More Join the Anti-Incandescent Movement

A newly formed energy coalition is calling for the end of the incandescent light bulb. The Lighting Efficiency Coalition, made up of companies including Philips Lighting, environmental groups like Earth Day Network and elected officials, is saying it envisions a complete transformation of the marketplace by 2016.

Efficient bulb takeover

Energy efficient light bulbs like LED and compact fluorescent would replace the outdated incandescent. Halogen was also mentioned as an option. One member told reporters that incandescents consume almost half of all electricity generated in the U.S. but provide only 12 percent of the artificial light; since most electricity is emitted as heat.

This is just another in a string of blows to the incandescent bulb, which started when Australia announced plans to outlaw incandescents by 2012. Philips, the top light bulb producer in the world, is agreeing to become the first manufacturer to phase-out the bulbs by 2016. Add that to an already growing call for homeowners to switch incandescent bulbs for energy efficient choices and it seems like the bulb's days are numbered.

If you haven't already done so, replace the next burned out bulb in your home with a better version. When companies that make the bulbs are realizing there's something better out there, it means we might be on to something.

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