Are Australia's Water Woes Making Cate Blanchett Uneasy?

Melbourne Australia has been sitting at level 3 water restrictions since January, which means a lot of rules about what residents can use their water for. A severe drought has been causing shortages, and may lead to what Victoria's Water Minister John Thwaites says would be unprecedented water shortages by the end of the year. An opposition leader goes further, saying the city's main water supply will only last two more months, although Thwaites and the company managing the system say he got the facts wrong.

Stage four restrictions?

Either way, much of Australia is in trouble and facing unprecedented water shortages. Stage 4 water restricitions are being mentioned as a possibility in several areas as early as May. That would mean watering all lawn or garden areas and washing cars would be banned and remaining level 3 restrictions tightened.

More worries for Cate Blanchett

This must have Aussie actress Cate Blanchett a little concerned, as she has credited past reports of Perth running out of water as a reason for her green leanings. Her solar powered house in Sydney isn't directly in the line of fire this time either, but the shortages are definitely hitting close to home, with that city also sitting at level 3 restrictions.

What level 3 restrictions mean
  • No watering lawns.
  • Certain garden watering devices can be used during designated times.
  • Even and odd numbered houses each get two days of watering per week.
  • Car washing is allowed in commercial stations, but is very limited at home.
  • No new pools or spas can be filled and certain existing ones can be refilled with restrictions.
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