Gore Encouraged that Deniers like Inhofe are Increasingly Isolated

Sharing more reflections on his recent testimony, Al Gore says he's encouraged that increasing numbers of House and Senate members accept the scientific consensus on climate change. And presumably referring about the ever pleasant Senator Inhofe, he also mentions the increasing isolation of naysayers.

Putting Inhofe in his place

Summing up his thoughts on the testimony via his blog, Gore says a moment that made him smile was when Senate side Chairwoman Boxer let Senator Inhofe know he's no longer in charge. A news segment is posted so you can watch it over and over again.

The number of people who've signed on to the messages he delivered (and who are demanding immediate action on climate change) number well over 500,000. Gore says he's already received positive feedback from committee members, including "a lot of follow-up contacts…wanting to introduce legislation that embodies the recommendations I offered."

Looks like the Goracle has succeeded in bringing much of the American public and hopefully more of the countries lawmakers on his side. Even sad attempts at discrediting him by demanding he make a pledge to reduce his energy consumption, before cutting him off during his reply, won't stop people from realizing there's a problem with the planet. Whatever you think about Gore's energy use, it doesn't change the facts.

Posted by Crystal on March 23,2007 at 11:03 AM
The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (published in February 2007) took all aspects into account before releasing their climate change report. Now that we're finally moving in a positive direction with changes to emission standards and cleaner, sustainable technologies, why go to all the trouble to say there isn't a problem?

Check out a previous post about the report.

Posted by What does Global Warming Mean? on March 23,2007 at 10:29 AM
Most of the Global Warming debate is propoganda.  While, the planet is certainly warming up, why this is happening is not definitively CO2 and what this means is not very clear.  First of all man-made CO2 accounts for a tiny percentage of the overall CO2 released into our atmosphere (the vast majority coming from the oceans).  Second of all the correlation between CO2 and planet temperature has only been directly proportional for the las 50 or so years (in geophysical terms this is a infinitely small time frame).  The best correlation (almost perfect) for global temperature is with Sun activity.

So the problem that many people have with Al Gore and the Global Warming is the fact that the "facts" being given are often one theory that is loosely supported, or a completely wrong conclusion.  For instance CO2 was more abundant during the Ice Age than before and after it.  

Do I think that we should cut CO2 emissions?  Yes.  Should we be strict with our pollution policies for all chemicals  in all states?  Yes.  But science needs allow alternative theories and hypotheses to be presented and checked out.  Global warming is becoming a religious movement where any information that contradicts it is immediately criticized and cast off.  The believers decide it is false and produced by those in the pocket of oil companies.
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