San Francisco Banning Plastic Bags - Manitoba Town Started Yesterday

In a recent 10-1 vote, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors banned petroleum-based plastic bags from the checkout aisles of supermarkets and pharmacies -- to the cheers of environmentalists everywhere. Biodegradable plastic bags or recycled paper bags are two permitted alternatives. And even though it's not happening in my town, I'm hopeful one day I'll no longer have to worry about forgetting my reusable bags at home and giving in to cardboard boxes or plastic; feeling bad about it for the rest of the day.

Canadian town's bag ban already in place

Just days after San Francisco's big announcement, a town in Canada's Prairies said it would be doing the same, a step up from the three cent levy per bag it has been charging since last year. The only difference, while retailers in the U.S. city have six months to a year for making the switch, as of yesterday Leaf Rapids, Manitoba businesses are prohibited from giving away or selling single-use plastic bags and face fines of up to $1,000 a day if they don't comply. It may be a town of less than 600, but other municipalities are reportedly already considering a similar move.

I'll continue my personal quest to become free of disposable plastic bags by keeping cloth bags in my purse and car and using biodegradable bags for compost and fridge items. Many are predicting such green buying choices will persuade companies to follow suit.

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