Prepare for Earth Day by Appreciating the World in Pictures

It would be easy to use the weeks leading up to Earth Day to encourage small initiatives like recycling or even a complete lifestyle overhaul, but we're not going to do that. Don't get us wrong, we always support steps towards green living, but we also want people to remember why they are taking those steps.

Why people care

If we didn't care about the fate of the planet we wouldn't be buying more beneficial products and reducing waste, choosing organic produce and composting what we don't consume. No matter where you live, there's a lot of natural beauty to enjoy. From hidden city gardens and small pockets of forests and streams, to vast expanses of wilderness and varying geographical terrain.

Check out some photo collections

Lucky for us, a lot of people make a living by showing their appreciation for our surroundings. Books with collections of images from all around the world are easy to come by. One of the best, Yann Arthus-Bertrand's "The Earth from the Air", showcases aerial photographs worldwide. His exhibitions (featuring photo captions warning of poverty and environmental destruction) have been seen by tens of millions of people and show a perspective few will ever get to see firsthand. If you can't find the book, Yann's website offers select pictures as wallpaper downloads.

Sierra Club Earth Day photo collection

Once you've had your fill of all the amazing images the world has to offer, share some of your own. Sierra Club is offering a space for anyone to upload photos of what they've done for the Earth lately, be it biking instead of driving, line drying the laundry or spot watering the lawn. You might also want to see what folks in the magazine world are doing to promote green living and environmental issues.

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