GM Minicars Debut at New York Auto Show - Vote for the Best

Three Chevy minicar concepts that made their debut at the New York Auto Show are being offered up in an online poll where you can rate your favorite. The results of voting for the Beat, Groove and Trax models will help Chevrolet determine U.S. market interest in minicars and find out which car is most popular with potential customers.

I wonder how they'd rate in the Ecology Center's toxic car interior testing...The Chevy Aveo didn't fare too well in second last place.

The cars

  • Chevrolet Beat - A three-door hatchback, it has a 1.2 liter gas engine and automatic transmission. Included technology is a navigational system and premium stereo. Nice, but I prefer a four-door.
  • Chevrolet Groove - GM calls this car a "funkastalgia-themed vehicle too tough-looking to be cute." It's not the best in terms of looks, but a 1-liter diesel engine could provide an excellent opportunity to convert to biodiesel.
  • Chevrolet Trax - It has low-cost all-wheel-drive and looks like a mini SUV. Possibly the best in terms of appearance the Trax has a 1-liter gasoline engine.
If only I could vote for the Groove engine in the Trax body. Most people seem pretty positive about GM's new cars, but a few are sticking with tried and true mistrust of the company that "killed the electric car". Maybe it's time to start giving GM a break.           
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