Schwarzenegger brings Green Sexy Back

According to Arnold we need to make environmental issues sexy in order to attract more people to the cause. He's right, but he's not the first one to try and bring a higher level of awareness through the tried and true method used by car companies, beer companies and sports organizations alike.

Ryan Kennedy of Brain Mulch fame volunteered as an environmental pop icon in 2001. However it seems to need celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Leo DiCaprio to help focus media and public attention on environmental issues. Smart celebrities certainly know that their star status and sex appeal can be used for a variety of worthy causes and they use their star power effectively.

The Governator himself may be considered a green sex symbol by some. He certainly has the charisma, wealth and power that are prerequisites to being an icon. Armold is currently using his power in California and leading the way on carbon reduction policies. He states that "We're going to change the dynamic of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions ourselves. We are not waiting for anyone, we are not waiting for the federal government or Washington."

Posted by Katy on April 13,2007 at 1:03 PM

You are right Mark that Arnie was originally elected on a hard nosed Republican platform.  However,  his re-election in 2006 came from voters who had witnessed a transformation in his ideas and policies towards a more sustainable future.

Posted by Mark on April 13,2007 at 11:08 AM

While it's commendable that Arnold is taking the bull by the horns and not waiting for Washington to tell him what his environmental policies should be, I wonder how he reconciles going green with the hard-nosed economic platform for which he was originally elected.

Remember, this guy took the governorship using the slogan "Don't be an economic girly-man"—which presumably meant "please embrace my Reaganomic, low-tax, low social spending, higher profits for big corporations attitude". Not sure this is going to jive with his sudden concern for the health of the planet.

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