Drink Silk Soy Milk (or not) - Win a Green Home Makeover

Who wouldn't love a home full of Energy Star appliances, bought with a $15,000 gift certificate - or green home products worth $5,000. And who could say no to over $2,000 worth of renewable energy credits from Green Tags. What about all three? Soy milk drinker or not, you could win this great green gift package through Silk's Green caps for green energy sweepstakes. Whew, that's a lot of green in one sentence.

First prize (obviously the amazing one we just described is considered "grand") is one of five $3,000 gift certificates for appliance sets. Second prize, with 75 available, is a green-energy gift basket from Gaiam worth up to $500.

If you don't win, you still win

Another good reason to register; each time someone enters the contest, Silk will make one wind-energy donation of about 30 kilowatt hours to The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (developer of Green tags), up to a total cost of $200,000. Just sending in an entry will help clear the air of CO2 and other gases. Each household can submit three a week. If you don't drink Silk, just go to the registration page and click where it says "Need a Code?".

Silk isn't the only company going gaga over green gifts. HGTV is soon going to be announcing the details of their first annual Green Home Giveaway.

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