Time Magazine Discovers Cotton-Producing Sheep

I learned a few things reading Time magazine's recent Global Warming Survival Guide. For instance, did you know there's a type of sheep that grows a coat of cotton instead of wool? I sure didn't. Maybe someone should tell the Sustainable Cotton Project so they can update their organic cotton information.

"You could make your own clothes with needle and thread using 100% organic cotton sheared from sheep you raised on a Whole Foods diet, but the environmental quality of your wardrobe is ultimately determined by the way you wash it." -- Time magazine

Of course line-drying is more beneficial. Imagine how much travel would be required just to find a cotton sheep. If you did find one, wouldn't it be considered a genetically modified product and therefore not organic?

In all seriousness, we appreciate Time getting the word out to their readers about small steps that can be taken to combat climate change. But with all the mixed messages out there it would be nice to see such an influential media outlet get their facts right and not add to the confusion.

That brings me to another point. Instead of telling people to wash their clothes in warm water instead of hot, a better suggestion would be to wash clothing in cold water; with most detergents you won't notice a difference. And although Time stresses washing practices as making the biggest difference in your wardrobe, we at The Renewable Planet say there's no reason you can't buy non-synthetic (and preferably organic) items, and hang them on the line. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go harvest my carrot tree.

Posted by Cotton Shower Curtain on September 1,2009 at 2:03 AM

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