Big Brother for the Indoor Climate

Much like fuel efficiency in cars there is an opportunity to make your home or business use fuel more efficiently as well. This can be accomplished the old fashioned way by turning the thermostat down and opening windows instead of using air conditioning.

But for a more systematic approach companies like Comverge and Enernoc provide automated climate control over the internet. The opportunity to manage energy demand is an obvious choice for financial savings as well as energy savings. Many utilities have peak and off-peak times for electricity usage. For large electricity users regulating when they use the most electricity can result in substantial savings.

There is an additional ripple effect for the community, state and even country that implement energy demand management. In the event of a natural disaster or peak usage during the summer, the energy management system can redirect electricity from low need areas to areas that need extra support. Energy management systems have the potential for significant energy conservation unlike the random effort of Early Daylight Savings Time.

So the question is "Are you ready to save money and help the environment just by handing over a little control?"

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