Where is the Green Generation?

A recent Ipsos Reid survey  in Canada revealed that the current crop of teenagers hasn't quite got the hang of having a small ecological footprint. Almost 94% said that they should be environmentally conscious, but just 20% said they make an effort to purchase environmental products.

We all face the challenge of not just talking the talk, but walking the walk when it comes to reducing our environmental impact. Based on reports that Wal-Mart  is reworking their organic food offerings due to sluggish sales I don't think the kids are getting a strong green message at home from their baby boomer parents. In fact many of today's grandparents seem to be the greenest generation. They have an urgent desire to set things right for the future generations who will inherit the climate problems.

Perhaps it is time to put aside arbitrary generational labels and work together to solve the biggest crisis facing the planet.
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