It's Easy Being Green - Chicago Shows Us How

The Green Festival opened its doors in Chicago this weekend, just in time for Earth Day. The windy city is showing a very strong shade of green and its not just from the new spring growth that is everywhere on this warm sunny weekend.  From recycled billboard bags to bamboo yoga pants, there is something for everyone at this years show.  The exhibitors and attendees are the most friendly and and positive group of people you could find anywhere. So where is all the doom and gloom about global warming? Not in Chicago that's for sure. There is such a strong sense of community at the festival, we can collectively make enough of a difference to divert some of the impacts of climate change.

Some of the most inspiring messages are from individuals who are making a difference in their own lives by choosing to to drive less or convert their cars to plug in hybrids.  As Sherry Boschert  said we have the ability with current technology to wean ourselves off gasoline. She drives an electric car and has not gone to a gas station in nine years. Mike Hudema stood up and shared his story in a session called Oil Addicts Anonymous. Take the quiz to see if you are addicted to oil. If you are not sure there is a coming oil crisis, you can check the latest research.

Can't wait for day two - the many free food samples throughout the festival sure make it worth going back for more.


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