Stapleless Stapler - Old Technology, New Fans

Staplers that work without using staples (hence the name stapleless) have been around for almost 100 years, but they've recently been making a comeback thanks to their green attributes. The neat gadget made an appearance at the Green Festival in Chicago and I've been punching holes in everything I've come across since.

Stapleless staplers punch small flaps out of the sheets and weave them through a slit. You can't use them on stacks of more than four or so pages, but most conventional staplers won't work well with big stacks either. They're especially good to have if you destroy personal papers. Staples can really do a number on paper shredders. The one Spectra gave out at the show looks like a small version of a regular stapler, but a lot of them look like buttons.

No waste, no need for staple removers and one less office supply to stock up on means the stapleless stapler is my new favorite green gadget, even if it looks like I'm the last one to find out about it.

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