Terracycle Sued by Scotts Miracle-Gro

TerraCycle Inc. -- founded by college students wanting to create an eco-friendly business and now staffing a whopping 33 people. Scotts Miracle-Gro -- 59 percent market share and annual profits surpassing $132 million, with only about 5,000 employees. So why then would Scotts be suing TerraCycle, could it be that they're scared?

We at The Renewable Planet have admired TerraCycle in the past, from its organic worm-waste plant food to its recycled plastic soda bottle containers, collected by schools and charities across America no less.

Why Scotts is angry with TerraCycle

Scotts doesn't like that TerraCycle products look similar to its own, which really just means they use the same colors of yellow and green, with a circle and a picture of flowers and vegetables. I'm sure using such images is virtually unheard of in the plant fertilizer industry. As for Scotts' concern that consumers are likely to be confused into thinking TerraCycle is associated with Miracle-Gro, I'm sure TerraCycle would find that concerning as well.

Scotts also doesn't like TerraCycle telling customers their product is as good or better than "a leading synthetic plant food" while refusing to hand over scientific tests to Scotts' scientists. You'd think that would make sense to a company that also refuses to show test results of their products.

This information all comes from a website TerraCycle set up to address the situation, so maybe I'm only getting part of the story, but I'm more inclined to trust a company that uses ingredients such as worm poop than a company that sells products where contact can require first aid. I guess the lawsuit is almost like good news, Scotts must really view TerraCycle as a competitor if they've overlooked the countless other similar looking products out there to go after the little organic guys.

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