Five Green Companies to Put Your Dollars Behind

One of the best presentations at last weekend's Green Festival in Chicago was about choosing where to spend your dollars to make the most difference. Dr. Ellis Jones, author of The Better World Shopping Guide, talked about the rating system he developed for choosing the best and worst companies to put your money behind. The pocket-size guide is an easy way to help you make some difficult choices and surprisingly the top companies cover everything from food and fashion to cleaning products and credit card companies. Here's half of the overall top ten list.

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  6. Ben and Jerry's - Sustainability in all aspects of the business is a big part of this ice cream maker's mission statement.
  7. Working Assets -Signing up with this phone company means you're supporting Greenpeace and Doctors Without Borders, among other organizations. 1 % of call charges go to progressive non-profit groups. The company's credit cards donate 10 cents per purchase.
  8. Clif Bar - Let me start off by saying yum. These 70 percent organic energy bars are just a start though. The company uses recycled materials, organic cotton promotional fabrics and offsets its energy use.
  9. Stonyfield Farms - Organic yogurt, milk and ice cream aren't the only reasons to buy these products. The company supports family farms and gives 10 percent of its profits to environmental programs.
  10. Aveda - We just discovered the wonders of Aveda products through Chicago's Allegro hotel, which stocks the yummy scented shampoos and lotions. Certified organic ingredients are one thing but raising millions for environmental causes raises them above the rest in the cosmetic industry.
Check back soon for the top 5.
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