Canada Bans Incandescents and Enviro Campaign has Some 'Flicking' Mad

After Canada's most populated province announced it was banning incandescent light bulbs, the country followed suit, with power hungry lights being out of the question by 2012. This'll mean more great things for CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), LEDs (light emitting diodes) and any other energy saving options. Not waiting until 2012 to make the switch is the best idea; changing just five incandescents for CFLs will total add up to a savings total of about $250 before the ban has even begun.

And speaking of the word switch -- it might have been a better choice than the one a Canadian campaign in using to remind teens to turn off the lights when they leave a room. Sir Richard Branson, MuchMusic and Roots Canada are among the groups responsible for launching the now controversial campaign urging Canadians to "Flick Off"...the lights that is. The website invites visitors to "go flick yourself" and features a "flicker of the week" and is causing a stir in the great white North, being called a misguided attempt to reach kids. Misguided maybe, but it sure is getting a lot of attention and I don't think that's all bad. Besides, how can politicians put down the campaign while using variations of the word flick to describe just how bad it is. Don't they know kids can read newspapers?

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