Toronto Green Living Show A Mainstream Success

One thing was immediately evident at the Green Living Show in Toronto last weekend. It was corporate, and it was mainstream! I say that with an exclamation point because as much as I enjoyed the Green Festival in Chicago a few weeks ago, I was a bit disappointed that it was populated by the choir. Sure we all wanted to lower our footprints, and there are no better companies to support than the ones that give back and really believe in their environmental message, but unfortunately that's not enough. While some people make choices based on the environmental impact, there are a lot more who don't.

Toronto sponsors included Home Depot and Walmart, companies that would never have made it through screening for the Chicago show. But the companies brought select eco-friendly products and drew crowds of people -- who know they can easily find the same products close to home. It's not all recycled or organic, but it's a start.

I don't think the mainstream green show could or should ever replace the other, but it proves there's room for both of us; people who go the whole way and demonstrate how it's done and people who make small changes and integrate them into their lives a bit at a time.

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