How to Beat Global Warming One Dollar at a Time

As Dr. Ellis Jones highlighted at the Green Festival recently there is a power shift occurring on the planet from political power to economic power. With two thirds of the world's biggest economies now belonging to corporations rather than countries, we as consumers get to vote with our wallets on a daily basis. In a democracy we get one vote for each election, however with our dollars we get to make choices every time we go shopping. Recognizing that we are at different stages in both our environmental understanding and our income level, Dr Jones suggested we can each work on products that are important or accessible to us. For example, by focusing on plastic as an environmental concern because of its fossil fuel component, we can make purchasing decisions not to buy plastic products or plastic packaging.

At a private event last weekend in Toronto for the business and investment community The Honorable Al Gore explained how the current method of accounting for the economy through the GDP  doesn't take into account the cost of maintaining clean air, clean water and other environmental rights. He delivered a passionate appeal to business leaders to look beyond the immediate quarterly results and invest in sustainable companies for the long term. Mr. Gore is working on this issue himself  through a green investment firm called Generation Investment Management that focuses on long term investing in sustainable companies.

Through the powerful redirection of  investment dollars from both individuals and corporations we can have a lasting impact on climate change and build a sustainable future for our children.

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