The US tries to add "Truthiness" to the UN's Climate Change Report

The United States and China feel they have a right to add some "truthiness" to the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This is part of the series of reports published by the scientists and climate researchers from around the world.

The latest report due out on Friday outlines how quick action can limit the expected catastrophic problems of global warming. However the US and China want to downplay the recommendations for quick and decisive action. The report explains that greenhouse gas emissions can be cut dramatically if all countries reduce use in fossil fuels. The US wants the report to include new technologies for "clean" coal and to feels that current technologies to cut greenhouse gases will be detrimental for the US economy. This "truthiness" waters down the reports recommendations. The sooner countries accept the consensus on the causes of global warming, the sooner we can work together to make significant changes.

The other recent IPCC reports have given dire warnings about global temperature increases, melting ice caps and extreme weather conditions that are to be expected in the very near future as a result of detrimental human activity.

Thanks to Stephen Colbert for bringing a new word to the English language. Truthiness, as Stephen explains is not about the facts that you can think about and analyze, but about what you feel in your heart or your gut.


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