Top 5 Green Companies to Put Your Dollars Behind

As you may have guessed by the recent posts about using your wallet to cast a vote for the environment, we're really into The Better World Shopping Guide. We listed five of the best companies to support and explained a bit of why each of them are deserving. The companies in the top five of Dr. Ellis Jones' (the author) list are probably a bit more familiar and most people shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle have probably already scooped up a few of their products.

  1. Seventh Generation - Household products have never been greener than with Seventh Generation. The company has an extensive recycled, non-toxic and biodegradable product line that includes paper towels, all-purpose cleaners and chlorine-free diapers. It would take too long to get into everything the company stands for; they do a good job of detailing it on their website.
  2. Patagonia - Sustainably made clothing that can be returned to the company for recycling at the end of its life, what's not to like about that. Patagonia is known as a sports apparel company but offers so much more. From supporting organizations like 1% for the Planet, grass roots groups and environmental activists, to using renewable energy and striving for LEED certification, Patagonia has almost all its bases covered.
  3. American Apparel - American made, sweat shop free and now incorporating organics. Employees are paid almost double the going minimum wage and receive subsidized meals, health insurance and free English lessons.
  4. Eden Foods - USDA certified organic food is Eden's specialty. They now support over 40,000 acres of organic farm land.
  5. Tom's of Maine -  Soaps, deodorants and toothpaste have been made naturally by Tom's of Maine since the 1970s. The company now manufactures about 90 different products.
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