Mothers Day renamed Mother Nature Day

Is it coincidence that we call the planet Mother Nature? There are definite similarities in raising children and nurturing the complex ecological balance that makes up our natural environment. Both kids and the planet require a stable consistent atmosphere to thrive and grow. Also, both mothers and Mother Nature are often under appreciated.

In honor of Mother's Day here are a few suggestions that celebrate mom and go easy on Mother Nature.

Re-usable Bags
You can't turn around these days without hearing about communities banning plastic bags. This great initiative has spawned a new industry in re-usable bags. Choose from cloth, recycled juice boxes, or even recycled pop bottles. My favorite is the waterproof recycled billboard bag from GreenGuruGear. Browse all the bags at Eco-Handbags.

Bamboo is a fast growing renewable resource that is showing up as a fabric for clothing, and home fashion. Similar to cotton, bamboo is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Bamboo towels feel luxurious on your skin when you step out of the bath.

MothersDayandMore has bamboo towels and many more great suggestions for mom. Don't forget Mother Day is May 13.

Perhaps I will start a petition to rename Mothers Day to Mother Nature Day. Wait a minute, we already have Earth Day. But why not have 2 days out of 365 to give back to Mother Nature. In fact why not 365 days?

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