Best Gadgets for Chemical-Free Dandelion Removal

It's a shame that a plant as useful as the dandelion has become nothing more than a nuisance to most of us, but let's face it, not many of us have the time or patience to search through our lawns and find meal-worthy greens. Those of us who wouldn't mind the chore are often thwarted in our efforts by chemical-happy neighbors whose herbicides drift in the breeze and settle on our organic lawns. So, whatever the reason, we still need an easy way to perform eco-freindly weed removal.

The Weed Hound - This tool is super easy to use and fun to boot. Seriously...I got so carried away my lawn looks like it's been run over by an aerator. After a good rainfall the weeds virtually slide out of the ground with the full root intact. It also works well on thistles and other pesky plants and can be put to good use getting weeds that have found a hiding spot within the ranks of plants we actually like to have around.

Water-Powered Weeder - This tool is a great choice for someone without the ambition or upper-body stamina to yank weeds out with force. When plunged into the ground beside the weed root it shoots out water and loosens the entire thing. The water pretty much drills the hole for you and makes removal a breeze. Now all you need is some good eco-friendly grass seed.

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