Meatless Monday Restaurant Review - Karyn's Cooked

This Meatless Monday we decided to forgo the recipe suggestions for the best kind of meal -- one someone else makes for you. You'll have to travel to Chicago for this one, as we did several weeks ago, but if you're in the area it'll be well worth it.

Karyn's Cooked is located at 738 N Wells St.

The food: We started with the Hummus & Pita appetizer for which nothing bad can be said. Fresh-squeezed lemonade with agave nectar was both sweet and sour, in a good way.

The Cabbage Rolls were delicious and not even a notch lower in flavor than the originally meat-filled dish. It's a recipe we'll have to tackle some Monday in the future. As for the seitan and tofu Fajitas, they came with yummy corn tortillas but proved too spicy, which waitstaff and the description on the menu failed to note. Otherwise service was attentive and friendly.

The deserts looked and sounded amazing but the meals were so filling we regrettably had to decline -- doggie bags in hand.

The price: Appetizers and entrees are very reasonably priced with nothing coming in at over $12.95. There are also sandwiches available for under $9.

The bottom line: Overall, great atmosphere, food and service. If we lived in Chicago we might just stop making our own meatless meals altogether. Check out the menu here.

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