Green Blockbuster Movie Season

Many people think that 2007 may well be the tipping point for the environmental issues to become mainstream in North America. It hasn't taken long for Hollywood to reflect the concern about global warming by presenting movies with an environmental message.  The 11th Hour - premiering at Cannes, is slated to take over where Al Gore's movie left off. DiCaprio presents some constructive ideas from world thinkers about how to solve the climate crisis.


Watch for the following movies with a green message to come out this summer:

  • Avatar - a James Cameron movie about humans raiding other planets because Earth has run out of natural resources
  • Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox - the story of a socially responsible soap company.
  • Transformers - a kids action movie about robots who invade the earth but find it's an environmental disaster.
  • The Simpsons Movie - an environmental catatrophe created by Homer Simpson



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