Top 5 Driving Tips to Conserve Gas

Cars are one of the greatest inventions for giving individuals freedom. Unfortunately because of air pollution from traditional internal combustion engines our love affair with the car needs some rethinking. Ideally, I would like to buy a car that could run on bio-diesel, this avoids the use of  fossil fuels entirely. Depending on where you live though bio-diesel can be difficult to find. My second choice would be a hybrid car that runs off a battery when idling or driving at slow speeds. Unfortunately both of these options require additional financial investment. The hybrid option really makes sense in cities where much of the time may be spent at slow speeds and in traffic.

Of course walking, biking and public transit are the best options to reduce your gas use.  But even if you can't afford a new car there are changes you can make to reduce the amount of gas your current car uses. 

Here are my favorite tips from Ford    

1. Slow down. You don't have to be in such a hurry all the time. Reducing your speed by 10 mph translates into a 10% improvement in fuel economy.

2. Don't idle. Over ten seconds and you should turn your vehicle off.

3. Regular maintenance. A properly tuned car is an efficient car.

4. Reduce the use of air conditioning. Try running just the fan and switch on the air at intervals.

5. Plan your trips. By combining your trips around town you can save money, gas and time. 

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