Meatless Monday - Green Eggs and Tea

Unilever the parent company of Lipton's tea has recently announced that it intends to use only sustainably harvested tea leaves in the production of its many teas. This includes Britain's best selling brand PG Tips. The plan is to have the many tea growing operations certified as sustainable by 2010. For the developing countries where tea is grown, the move towards sustainability will have a ripple effect of improving conditions for farm workers, and the surrounding natural environment.

In related news there is a growing effort to improve the condition of chickens in factory farming operations. Look for the following labels on the eco-friendly eggs you buy:

  • Free-range eggs are from chickens that have room to move and are fed outside
  • Grain-fed eggs come from chickens that are fed a diet close to their natural diet instead of uncertain meat by-products
  • Omega oils are in all eggs , but grain fed chickens will have a higher percentage if they are fed flax seeds
  • Organic eggs are grown in a certified organic chicken farm without antibiotics, hormones or pesticides

Green (eco-friendly) eggs might not sound appetizing but when prepared in a Harvest Fritatta they are delicious. Follow the link for an easy to prepare recipe from Whole Foods. This recipe works well for breakfast, lunch or supper and the ingredients are readily available. Substitute any favorful cheese for the Gruyere and don't be afraid to use what you have on hand. Consider mixing up the choice of vegetables - colorful sweet peppers, asparagus and mushrooms add variety - just keep the proportions of eggs/cheese/vegetables the same as the recipe. A cup of tea will finish the meal nicely.

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