Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with Sir Paul McCartney & Annie Lennox

On Saturday May 9, World Fair Trade Day will celebrate its 60th birthday with a Big Bang.

"Big Bang" is the celebration theme this year, which means everyone's invited to "bang something (anything) with spoons, sticks, hands, fingers, friends, family, neighbours, a crowd, an audience, a solution. Beat poverty beat climate change beat economic crisis."

The day of global celebrations in over 80 countries will kick off at dawn with a solo drummer in New Zealand starting the beat, with the intent to continue the rhythm around the world until reaching Samoa at sunset for the close of the celebrations.

Major supporter of the global event Sir Paul McCartney says, "Fair Trade is essential for millions of people who work and struggle for survival every day. It's all about justice and human rights." The famed Beatle isn't the only star supporter – check out the video from Annie Lennox for more on her take on the Big Bang movement.

Fair trade commerce is a key piece in the environmental puzzle because it means that the people of the global community who make the products we consume and enjoy are receiving fair wages and fair working conditions – it also supports land conservation, women's rights, children's rights and cultural practices.

Aside from banging your drum all day on May 9, you can support Fair Trade everyday by buying Fair Trade products like chocolate, bananas, rice, coffee, sugar, clothing and flowers.  Look for the Transfair Fair Trade logo  on products in your local stores, or go online to look for Fair Trade retailers close to you.

Posted by Rusty on May 11,2009 at 8:35 AM

I love the sense of global community this event brings - I went last year and "banged" just about everything I could get my hands on - and then some :)

Posted by Gabriele C. Hill on May 8,2009 at 3:24 PM

Please print this.  I am a thruthfuul person.

Women's rights, men's rights, children's rights, elderly rights & animal rights is what will prevent unnecessary suffering & permit, protect & defend & care for the right to equality & decency & fairness. Everyone has feelings here!  I have had a crisis: unbelievable with getting help from my doctor, whose deliberate disrespect left me with frustration, dissatisfaction & unnecessary on going wretchedness for weeks on going.  This is a crime that left me to endure & tolerate miseries due to his negligence.  I am still in the process getting the appropriate medical help that I need! Accountability in all walks of life need to be implemented as the legal standard & responsibility mandated by law & taught early in schools that we are supposed to give each other respect & equal right.  What is right is right & mistakes made that injure someone need to be addressed & corrected out of decency with accountability.  We need to stop cheating one another & those who count on ur protection! Taking responsibility is a sign of respect, maturity & equality for one another.  I am the one who wrote the letter 10/24/2008 to Mr. Obama & Mr. Joseph Biden before they were elected, while I helped in the campaign office for their election.  So far I have not had a reply & I am still waiting for that.  I have handed out my letter about accountability 10/24/2008 & I have sent a copy to several people from that time on.  The President has used my words what I have written & sent him in my letter.  I hope that President Obama & the Vice president Joseph Biden will contact me about that letter that they have received from me.  Thank you  Sincerely & with best regards for fairness & real "hope" for everyone very, very  soon & we as decent people can do it!    Greetings from Gabriele, with love & justice for all!

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