Bike to Work Week: Tips for a Safe, Green Ride

May is Bike Month, and Monday marked the kick-off of national Bike to Work Week. 

If you've ever thought about dropping the car keys in favor of a healthier, greener method of transportation this is the week to trade in your four wheeler for a two wheeler and join the thousands of people making the switch. Bike to Work Week 2009

The benefits of biking are hard to argue with. What's not to love about a zero emission mode of transportation that keeps you fit and costs nothing in gas? What's more is that bike commuters report that they often get to work faster than in gridlocked traffic, they arrive more alert and ready to work, and find it easier to leave work stress behind on the ride home.

If you're considering taking up the bike to work challenge here are a few tips for safe, happy biking:

  •  Find a comfortable bike that's suitable for city riding
  • Contact local bike clubs for information on top rated routes
  • Choose routes with bike lanes and wide shoulders
  • Test and time your new route on your day off
  • Take a bike repair course so you can manage any breakdowns
  • If you're biking at night, wear reflective gear and get a flashing led bike light
  • Keep work clothing wrinkle-free by wrapping it in a towel in your backpack or leave work clothes at the office
  • Find a safe place to park your bike and invest in a heavy lock
  • Always wear a helmet
If you want to see how much you can save in CO2 emissions by biking to work, use this handy calculator.

Happy biking, everyone!

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