Burger King's "Global Warming Is Baloney" Signs Taken Down

Think global warming is all a big conspiracy? You're in good company. An intellectual think tank comprised of the smartest, most informed people in the word agrees with you. Wait, that's not true. Actually, it's Burger King, the famous fast food chain, that's on your side. Well, kind of.

Although the signs have since been taken down, several Burger King locations in the mid-southern United States briefly displayed messages that stated "GLOBAL WARMING IS BALONEY" on their exterior signs. The restaurants in question were all owned by Mirabile Investment Corporation (MIC), a management company based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Burger King's corporate offices have been quick to shoot down the message, saying that it's not in line with the company's official policy (Editor's note: fast food companies have official policies on matters like climate change?). The company pointed out that the locations in question are independently owned and operated.

Interestingly, Burger King's CEO, John Chidsey, has actually gone on record with his opinions regarding climate change. Chidsey called global warming "an overriding issue of important for the global community and people in general," when he attended the World Economic Forum earlier this year.

While it's clear that these signs were simply the result of a rogue and misinformed company, it does provide a chance to discuss how fast food affects climate change. After all, despite what Burger King's CEO says about the issue, the fact remains that his company's business model is hardly synonymous with sustainability. Meat-heavy meals and idling cars in drive-thus are not exactly positive steps towards a healthier planet. In fact, Burger King has previously been called out by ClimateCounts.org as a "choice to avoid for the climate-conscious consumer."

Posted by SP on June 11,2009 at 7:26 PM

I am surprised that there is such ignorance on a website highlighting renewable energy projects.

Global warming is real and future generations (maybe yours) will not thank you for denying the truth.

Posted by Alan T. on June 11,2009 at 2:52 PM

Looks like the Speech Police Division of the Eco *** got to the big brass at BK. What a shame, now they will be on their knees begging forgiveness from Green Boots.

Posted by Agree with the KIng on June 8,2009 at 1:18 AM

I will be buying nothing but Burger King from now on.   Finally, a company that is not afraid to speak their "politically incorrect" mind.   Way to go.   American Individualism may be alive yet.

I'm lovin' it.   I bet their stocks go up big time, especially after Rush talks about it on his show!!!!!

How sweet it is.

Posted by Hampton on June 7,2009 at 12:05 PM

I applaud this franchise for taking this HUGE risk to post these signs. Hopefully it will encourage some actual debate on the issue. Too often, anyone who dares to question the science behine man-made global warming are "shouted down" or dismissed as either ignorant or corporate pawns.

I am not sure I have seen any compelling evidence that indicates that 1) man has contributed a meaningful amount to warming and 2) That cutiing Carbon emissions will do anything to halt current trends.

Ultimately, isn't it more likely that any "trends" in climate change are more likely part of solar cycles that have been going on for millions of years?

Posted by Christie on June 4,2009 at 9:11 AM

In general, I try to think of anything that's bad for me (like 1000 calorie whoppers) as bad for the environment. The use of CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) meat, aka factory farm meat, and GMO veg (not that there's an awful lot of veg on a whopper) means a major impact on the environment. Count me in for a boycott on fast food, not just BK.

Posted by Stuart Blaber on June 2,2009 at 11:15 PM

The most powerful think an individual can do, in cases of stupidity like this one, is to boycote the business.  You can be sure I won't be eating at any Burgerking again.

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