Cameron Diaz Involved With Environment Documentary

Cameron Diaz opened up about the passion for the environment in last month's issue of Vogue and she recently revealed even more details about what she's doing to help the earth.

This month's issue of Marie Claire features an in-depth interview with the actress. In it, Diaz talks about her desire to push environmental issues to the forefront of public discourse. She says that she was inspired by what she heard at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference held earlier this year in California. "Ted is wonderful," Diaz said. "It changed my life."

After listening to lectures from some of the nation's foremost intellectuals, Diaz came to the conclusion that it was time for her to take action. This desire eventually led to the idea of filming a documentary. "I was like, I'm going to get a camera," said Diaz, "and I'm going to mobile-home it across the country, and I'm just going to find out what people are thinking. What would it take for the common person to become engaged?"

Diaz travelled to locations such as an oil refinery and interviewed locals and asked questions about their knowledge of environmental issues (sample question: Do you know where your food comes from?) and about why they aren't more involved with preserving the health of our planet.

Though there are many celebrities who are all too willing to speak their minds about political issues, few actually hit the streets and try to make a difference. It remains to be seen whether Diaz's actions will result in any real change, but she should be commended for her efforts.

An excerpt from the film can be viewed by clicking here or loading the video below.

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