Prickly Shark lives to see another day

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A four foot prickly shark was captured recently off the coast of California. It was held captive for the enjoyment of visitors at the Monteray Bay Aquarium. The spectacle only lasted for a few hours however, because the fish started acting oddly in the tank and was released back into the wild.

This is apparently only the second time that a prickly shark has been held in captivity, and thankfully those involved were smart enough to release the shark before they had a needless death on their hands. Prickly sharks are bottom dwellers and this particular one was caught at the depth of 3,000 feet. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that a creature used to living at those depths might have some issues with being thrown into an aquarium tank above sea level.

While some sources online state that the prickly sharks' population is being reduced due to overfishing, the Wikipedia prickly shark entry has the conservation status of this shark as "Near Threatened" which is only one notch above "Least Concern".  Still, there could have been one fewer of these exotic looking sharks just to add some extra publicity to the aquarium.

The captured shark was only four feet long, which is pretty small for a species that can grow up to a maximum size of four meters.

Posted by Jessica on June 11,2009 at 2:26 PM

I think it's ludacris to take a shark out of its habitat and throw it in an unknown environment like that of a zoo. Would you take a dog and throw it thousands of feet underwater just to see it's reaction? No, because it wouldn't survive - it's not used to those types of living conditions just like these sharks aren't used to the shallow water that is found in zoos. It's ridiculous. It's animal cruelty and it should not be tolerated.

Posted by GirlGoneGreen on June 11,2009 at 2:01 PM

Um, hello? What is our damn fascination with yanking animals out of their homes and putting them on display in zoos? I hate zoos for this reason. Granted, some animals need to be in zoos because populations are too low to be left in the wild, or humans have wrecked their ecosystems...

Personally I feel good knowing that stuff exists out there, happily in its habitat, without me seeing it.

Just let stuff be already, people.

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