Climate Change Forecast: The Real Impact on the United States

The multi-agency US Global Change Research Program has released a comprehensive report outlining the impact that climate change will have across the United States.

"This is the most thorough and up-to-date review ever assembled of climate-change impacts observed to date, as well as those anticipated in the future across the United States," says Evan Mills of the US Department of Energy.

Addressing nine critical zones including the Southwest, Northwest, Great Plains, Alaska and coastal regions, the report forecasts temperatures for California and Arizona to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and predicts extreme weather events like floods and droughts for all areas.

Michael Wehner of the Department of Energy elaborates, "Even in areas where precipitation is projected to increase, higher temperatures will cause greater evaporation leading to a future where drought conditions are the normal state."

The impact of climate change on water supplies, agriculture and ultimately human health, are clearly outlined in the report, and paints a dire picture of the future for the US as its climate continues to be affected by global warming.

Download the report PDF

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