The Dangers of Denying Climate Change

In an op-ed column entitled "Betraying the Planet," economist Paul Krugman has called out climate change deniers, including those who hold political office at the highest levels and who have voted to reject laws that would limit greenhouse gas emissions. He accuses these individuals of "treason against the planet".

Though no expert in scientific matters, Krugman references the latest studies conducted by the foremost experts on climate change. He points out that indications are that the earth's climate is changing faster than we thought and that a climate catastrophe is now much closer to an inevitability than a mere possibility.

Yet, despite this overwhelming evidence (and, yes, the evidence is overwhelming), these deniers continue to vocally support to a position with no logical merit. Why do they do so?

Recently, the comments section of our blog has been flooded with comments posted by climate change deniers. They never make anything close to a convincing argument, but they sure post with a lot of confidence in what they believe. It's actually quite sad. These deniers are spending so much of their time and energy looking to advance a cause that has no merit whatsoever. Skepticism is a fantastic thing, of course, but willfully (and recklessly) ignoring scientific data is far from skepticism.

What will it take for climate change deniers to change their position? Will they continue to cling to their false beliefs even as massive heat waves sweep through the southern states, potentially killing thousands of the weakest people? Will they stand on the shores as the water levels rise? Or, perhaps it's more likely that they will they sit alone in their basements, posting comments on blogs about how the climate change their neighbors are witnessing outside must be a mirage or some left-wing conspiracy.

The reality is that, even if all the climate change deniers were to reverse their position today, it still wouldn't change anything. Simply accepting the validity of our planet's predicament isn't going to fix anything. We need action. And we're a long way from the action we require if we can't even convince people to accept the facts as truth.

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