Green Tips for July 4th

Independence Day is just around the corner. It's a great chance to get together with your loved ones and celebrate everything that makes America so great. This year, you can help make America extra great by throwing an environmentally friendly Fourth of July bash. Try these easy suggestions:

  1. Cook up some organic and/or local food. Everyone loves a July 4th BBQ, but raising livestock and transporting fruits and vegetables across the country isn't exactly good for the planet. We're not saying that you have to cut out burgers and watermelon completely, but do your best to eat locally-raised meat and organically-grown fruits and veggies – not only are they better for the Earth, they're better for you!
  2. Fuel your BBQ with green charcoal. Environmentally friendly charcoal has a number of advantages over the regular stuff, including fewer chemicals (which can get into your food) and a faster burn rate.
  3. Eat on reusable tableware. Forget about paper plates and plastic cutlery – they create a lot of garbage are terrible for the environment. Instead, use your regular dishes. The same goes for paper napkins and paper tablecloths.
  4. Cut out the fireworks. We know that this suggestion isn't going to be popular. After all, everyone loves a good fireworks show. The reality, however, is that fireworks are a long way from being green. If you simply have to include fireworks in your celebration and you can't walk down to a public display, try to keep your own display minimal. Take some time and savor each one that you set off, rather than sending a bunch up all at once.
Happy July 4!
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