Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation Day gored by Pamplona Death

In an odd twist of fate, the first death to occur at the annual Running of the Bulls in Madrid, Spain since 1995 shares the same date as "Cow Appreciation Day" at a popular restaurant chain in the United States.

In 1995 it was a 22 year-old American tourist that was gored to death by a bull, this time 27 year-old Daniel Jimeno Romero from outside of Madrid was the victim. He was gored in the neck and lung by a rogue bull that broke from the pack while Romero participated as a bull runner; he was on vacation with his parents and girlfriend.

This brings the total death count at the Running of the Bulls to 15 since official records were started in 1924.

The Chik Fil A (pronounced chicken fillet) restaurant chain is encouraging customers today to dress up like a cow to get a free combo meal. The forty year old franchise encourages replacing beef with chicken while incorporating blatant misspellings in their marketing with phrases like "Eat Mor Chikin" and "Cow Appreciasun Day".

The Pamplona Bull run is held annually during the San Fermin festival and is considered the most popular event, being broadcasted by two national television channels. Bull runner participants need only be eighteen years of age and enter the itinerary before 7:30 for the opportunity to be trampled, maimed or killed by a bull on live television.

The event has long been opposed by animal rights activists like PETA (who've staged a "running of the nudes" demonstration the day before the San Fermin festival in protest) arguing that the bulls are tortured for entertainment.

As tragic as the human deaths are, the bulls don't get to choose whether they wish to participate.

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