Nurse Shark left to rot on street in downtown Miami

Two vagrant men ditched a four and a half foot shark, leaving it to rot in downtown Miami, Florida after several unsuccessful attempts to sell it to fish markets for $10. The carcass of the shark was found in the middle of the street, but there is some speculation that it was dragged there after being dumped into some nearby bushes.

However, that's not the worst part of the story. Apparently, the shark was dragged onto a transit 'metro-mover' train while it was still alive, bleeding and gasping for breath. Sharks have been known to live for up to 24 hours outside of water, so the last hours of this shark's life were agony.

The Fish and Wildlife commission are going to verify the species of the shark, if it turns out that it is in fact a nurse shark then nothing more will happen. However, if the shark is determined to be endangered then a criminal investigation will occur.

Posted by Danielle C on July 24,2009 at 9:55 AM

This is sad and disgusting.  Although it really is no suprise when we have our own MOTHERS dumping their children into trash bins to die.

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