Perseid Meteror Shower Best Viewed Tuesday PM August 11, 2009

Stargazers will be in for a treat Tuesday night when the annual Perseid meteor shower occurs. Unlike the July 2009 solar eclipse, this meteor shower will be visible from anywhere in the world; with the possibility of seeing up to 80 meteors per hour flash across the sky.

The highest concentration of meteors will occur on Wednesday during the afternoon rendering them effectively invisible for meteor shower enthusiasts.

This is expected to be a banner year for viewing the meteors because the experts are expecting more comets than normal to crash into the atmosphere.  The Perseid meteors are 2,000 year old left over dust particles from the Swift-Tuttle comet, the earth enters the debris at the same time each year as it completes its orbit around the sun, making the meteor shower an annual event.  This year the debris field is much thicker, resulting in a more dazzling light show in the sky.

The best time for viewing the celestial phenomena will be from late Tuesday night to early Wednesday morning depending on the cloud and light conditions in your particular area. The best way to watch the meteor shower is to get away from the city lights, grab a blanket and lie down on your back facing the sky and look away from the moon. This improves your night vision and your odds of seeing any meteors. that i

Most meteors are incinerated before they can strike the ground while they impact the Earths' atmosphere at more than 23 miles a second. This causes streaks of illuminated and superheated air that are called shooting stars.  This particular celestial event is named the Perseids meteor shower because the meteors appear to be coming from the Perseus constellation.

Posted by claire kelly on August 13,2009 at 7:13 AM

i saw it all last night all outside my house  and i saw the star called the ladel omg it was amazing

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