Best Leonid Meteor Shower Time

In case you missed it last night, the annual Leonid meteor shower continues tonight through to November 20 in the skies over the world. If you plan on doing some meteor gazing, you have three more nights to catch them, and the best time to see the meteor shower is after 1:30am.

Last night from an urban park at midnight, friends and I saw no less than six amazing starburst-esque meteors light up the sky in less than an hour; so imagine what I could have seen in a rural spot even later at night!

For the best show, the meteors can be best appreciated from a higher vantage point with little light pollution. Check out a couple videos of the annual August Perseids meteor shower for a little taste of what you could see tonight. 

If you've found yourself wondering why it's called the Leonid meteor shower, it's because the showers appear to be coming from the constellation Leo.   

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